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The Real Me – Thanksgiving Version

Truth be told – I don’t LOVE to cook.  I watch all these shows on HGTV with people looking for houses and the wives always say “oh I need a huge kitchen because that is where I spend all my time”.  That is SO my mom – she loves to cook.  I just didn’t get that gene. 

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Buckle Up – Destination: Idaho

It started out as what was supposed to be a Valentines’ Day trip.. Some time to “relax, see the area, enjoy some time together”. & I mean, what mom doesn’t want a relaxing vacation with her husband? We’re going to Idaho!

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Our Idaho “Vacation”

Although my husband’s beard was already accustomed to Idaho, my diet most certainly was not. I spent

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Do you ever get asked a seemingly innocuous question that turns out to be a life-changing event? 

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This Father’s Day

Both of my kids were awful sleepers as babies – like an hour here, 15 minutes there – then they were ON until the next 10-minute nap. I learned that playing music in their room at night was KEY to keeping them asleep. So – every night I would put my phone on silent, put it under my son’s crib, and play whatever “baby night-night” playlist I could find. One morning when my son was a year and a half old, I went into his room around 6 am, as I did each morning, and saw that I had over 40 missed calls.

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The “Bounce Back”-ish

Not An “Intentional” Older Mom You may have already read that I had both of my kids

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Mom Brain

This morning during the normal ‘get the kids ready and out-the-door’ routine, I threw a plate in

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Being an “older” Mom

I had my first baby when I was 42, our second when I was 45.  Both pregnancies

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New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year a lot of us think about what the New Year may

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3 weeks ago
I'm a Proud Momma

I fell in the gym parking lost last week - slipped on ice - MANY came to see if I was ok. Le sigh.... #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

I fell in the gym parking lost last week - slipped on ice - MANY came to see if I was ok.  Le sigh....  #ImAProudMomma

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I'm too scared to try it! I would probably break something!

I think I would get both reactions

So true

Jose Noel Pinto in theory though 🧐

I'll have to try that! Just to see if it works

so true


I wouldn’t be able to get back up lol

Deb Winter

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k thx!!  #ImAProudMomma

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A laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

Autumn Lyn Amore pink & black to be exact thx Love 😘


Tiffany Reed

Yahaira De la Cruz


Emma-Lee McGregor 😂😂

Charlise Cook

Meghann Curran🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lmfaooo…Cassy Shawn Weiser def you!! 🤣🤣


Absolutely 💯

Amanda Morin this made me think of you 😂😵‍💫

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1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

Does anyone else use an axe and a blow torch? #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

Does anyone else use an axe and a blow torch?  #ImAProudMomma

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I hate opening toys they spend more on keeping you from opening it that the toy

And migraine medication- I mean you’re already at death’s door….😖🗜️⛏️

Truth batteries too my goodness

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