Our Idaho “Vacation”

Although my husband’s beard was already accustomed to Idaho, my diet most certainly was not. I spent the first day of our Idaho Vacation eating… And by eating I mean – I ate about 16 pounds of spaghetti, a couple of pieces of cheesecake, and then some chocolate-covered strawberries.  I blamed my appetite on the mountain air, but methinks it was more so the 2 bottles of wine that had me ultimately deciding ‘meh – they’re Idaho vacation calories – they don’t count!’  

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So let’s fast forward to day two… I was still too full from feasting the day before that I couldn’t do anything but ride shotgun in the truck.  So that’s exactly what I did. We drove and drove and drove; covering what seemed like at least 3 states! Now, given that I have the world’s worst sense of direction, once I looked at the map of what we covered it was actually more like 60 miles.  So, yeah, I was super close with my original analysis – minus like 2 states and 1350 miles.  

Ending Our Vacation and Start of Our Move

So I am not sure how this happened, but I managed to meet and ultimately marry an early riser.  I am NOT an early riser.  Whatever is the polar opposite of an early riser – that’s me.  Anyhow, Day 3 – I wake up to the click-click-click of my husband’s keyboard.  Me: “Whatcha doin’?”  Him: “Oh just looking at a few of these listings.”  Me: {still half asleep} “Listings of what?”  Him: “Houses and land”.  Me: “Where?”  Him: “Here.  In Idaho.”  Me: “Welp, I guess it’s goodbye Kansas and hello Idaho.”  Him: “Nah, I am just looking.”  Have you ever gone to “look” at puppies?  Did you leave with a puppy?  Yeah, this went down kinda like that.

The next few months were a whirlwind of checking out listings, researching the different areas, seeing how far from other actual humans my husband wanted to be (NO.  JUST NO am I going to live on 300 acres in the middle of effing nowhere with two kids and exactly ZERO survival skills.  I am cold when it is 80 degrees, I hate bugs, dirt, wildlife – you know ‘the outdoors’…  Yeek).  We did end up putting a few offers on some places but OH MY GOSH – little did we know how INSANE the housing market was/is in Northern ID.  Unless you showed up with a few suitcases full of cash, an offer to help the sellers move, keep their ferret, and ignore the poignant smell of black mold, you were NOT getting a house.  

Fast forward about a year…

Our Idaho Vacation

We were in no hurry to move, we still didn’t know if we really WANTED to move, yet the idea of it all was never far from our minds.  We made one last offer on one last house – again the folks who ended up with the winning bid were all-cash buyers, no inspection, like a 47-second close, bought the house sight unseen.  THAT IS CRAZY. 

My husband had left for a hunting trip in the middle of that last offer we made and I called him (which I NEVER do – I am sure he thought I burned down the house or was lying helpless and broken at the bottom of the stairs) and I said, “We are buying dirt.”  And so it was dirt we bought – and LOTS of trees – but a LOT of dirt.  Bare land.  Why, why, why do I do these things to my already waning sanity?  

But wait!  There’s more…  NEXT: The Battle of Builders.  Wait – there are no builders…?

Miss the last post about this Idaho adventure? Read the previous post Buckle-Up Destination: Idaho.

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1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

Even AFTER they get the shoes on, it's a game of "How Quick Can I Get These Back Off While Mommy Isn't Looking?"

#MomLifeBeLike #ImAProudMomma #MomProblems
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Even AFTER they get the shoes on, its a game of How Quick Can I Get These Back Off While Mommy Isnt Looking? 

#MomLifeBeLike #ImAProudMomma #MomProblems

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Nicholas Cleveland omg me this morning 🤣

Jessica Salyers So you 🤣

1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

This Bird Owes Someone A LOT Of ToothFairy Money!!
#nationaltoothfairyday #ImAProudMomma
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This Bird Owes Someone A LOT Of ToothFairy Money!! 
#NationalToothFairyDay #ImAProudMomma

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Oh my I would die!!! Right there!!

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