New Year’s Resolutions

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This is the time of year a lot of us think about what the New Year may bring.  Maybe THIS year more than most other years given 2020 was some kind of wild ride!  Be prepared for the thousands of ads for new ways to exercise, introductions to new diets, getting a new job, quitting {insert bad habit here}, etc.  Think outside the resolution box with these homerun, must-have ideas!

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  • Legacy Planning – Everyone and everything is going digital. Your social security data, health insurance, financial accounts and every important piece of information about you is saved somewhere electronically. The big question is: what happens to all this information after you are gone? Will your loved ones have access to your assets? Will they know where to find all of your important information when they need it? LegacyArmour was created to make that all possible from one central location!  

LegacyArmour’s innovative legacy planning technology helps you prepare your estate, encrypt the information you want protected, and store it safely in secure digital vaults until it is time to deliver it automatically to your beneficiaries. 

You can designate if your information should be delivered on a certain date, or if our artificial intelligence engine will identify that something might have happened to you and only then deliver your information to your beneficiaries.  Extremely affordable, priceless for your loved onesLegacyArmour is legacy planning made easy.

  • SLEEP!  You are thinking – wait, getting more sleep is a very common New Year’s resolution.  How is this innovative? Sleep is critical for high performance. But, it tends to be the first thing neglected during busy, high-stress periods.  After a year most of us spent more time in front of a screen than ever before in our lives, the effects of blue light on sleep have become more talked about than ever. Enter – blue blocking sunglasses!  My favorite brand is Swanwick – their glasses are called ‘Swannies’.  Swannies have been featured in top magazines like Mashable, GQ, Harvard Business Review, Huffpost, Entrepreneur, The New York Times – and many more!  Their glasses are Sleep Score Validated and have over 2,000 5-star reviews – shown to improve the ability to sleep at night, improved overall sleep quality, improvement in feeling rested in the morning and increased sleepiness at bedtime.  Check them out for yourself – many styles available!
  • Heading Outdoors:  According to a June 2020 report from the RV Industry Association – RV wholesale shipments posted their best month of the year and the highest monthly total since October 2018.  More and more people are fleeing crowds and discovering the joys of being outside.  If you need gear and need it on a budget, meet  ALL of their gear – camping, fishing, hunting, hiking – comes at a price 40% UNDER retail!  They are always replenishing their inventory and items sell quickly so check back often!
  • Step Up Your Remote Work Game!  It appears millions around the globe will be making remote work at least a part-time option for many or most of their employees.  How can you step up your remote work adaptation this year?  Here are a few easy-to-use apps & workstation tips to increase your at-home productivity:
    • – From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.  Grammarly is a FREE download that no one should be without!
    • – Free app that allows you to mute background noise in any communication app.  Screaming kids?  Check!  Traffic?  Done.  Dogs?  Shushed.  
    • UltraWide Monitor – Being asked to multi-task?  Get more viewable monitor space with a UltraWide Monitor like this one from Samsung –
  • Office Chair – If you sit to do your job – you NEED a great chair.  Save your back and choose this top-of-the-line Herman Miller Aeron Chair

You can’t lose with either choice!

New Year’s resolutions are thought to have started some 4,000 years ago according to  Take your resolution into this new year with today’s latest innovation and invention!

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3 weeks ago
I'm a Proud Momma

Happy from the inside out! #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

Happy from the inside out! #ImAProudMomma

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My baby girl Bella does it too!!🤣😁

Beautiful God Bless

My daisy looks like a smiling bat here silly dog

Precious 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍😊❤️💙




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1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

I thought 80's wedding style was the worst - I was wrong. #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

I thought 80s wedding style was the worst - I was wrong. #ImAProudMomma

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Well they loved it that’s all that matters was there money not ours who cares happy for the couple ❤️

This wasnt their wedding outfits

Biggest bunch of crazy I’ve ever seen 🙄

And whyyyy does wedding or wedding attire have rules? Its the couples day and they can do whatever the f*ck they want 🤷‍♀️ Black is a happy color for some of us... get over it.

Ummm.. I seen they had totally different outfits 🙄 She had a white body dress with a Long vail!

It takes all kinds to make the world go-around 🙃

I actually think she looks cute and it’s part of his culture but this isn’t what she wore for her wedding I like how they try to be different

MGK and Fox going to put them to the test for weirdest award.

This could have been done so much prettier. She is the prettiest one out of her sisters, she could have looked ethereal in a black wedding dress. But the makeup with the dress just screams cheap biker chick, which may have been what she was going for, but damn she would have made a beautiful goth bride

Looks Weird to me

She was married in a beautiful dolce and Gabbana white corset wedding dress. He in a very nice suit. This looks more like a funeral attire. 😂 But then again...marriage and funerals tend to go hand in hand...😂

Oh look they shit today to at such and such time 🙄 give your obsession a rest with the Kardashians 😒

Her actual wedding dress was beautiful!!!

She married Lord Voldemort ???

They look terrible,my opinion"that family is nuts,they add one more!!!

They are all on the Crazy Train!!!

Well it was a couple of people now is everywhere

Rebound relationship. She was with Scott for years, had children, and still didn't say yes. Now comes this fool? "Anything for fame" is the Kardashians are washed up

Who cares what they wear, who attended or how much the stuff cost. It's just a wedding. The marriage is what matters the most.

It’s kinda goth and I love it 🖤🥰

Whatever the opposite of a class act is. Makes a mockery of just about everything.

Its their wedding not yours, go judge somewheres else

That's not there wedding they didn't wear that

Why's it matter as long as there happy? It's THEIR WEDDING.

That’s not even what they wore for the wedding 😅 literally took me two seconds to google what they actually wore hahaha

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So.  Close.  #ImAProudMomma

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It is Friday, wake up and play with me

Love this ❤️

So cute💕

Beautiful God Bless

So cute

Good one

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