Do you ever get asked a seemingly innocuous question that turns out to be a life-changing event?  Almost like thinking back to your first date with your “other” having NO idea at that time they were going to be THE ONE. Yeah….well that happened to me and it went like this…Ever Go Hunting In Idaho?

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Ever Go Hunting in Idaho?

My husband had always wanted to take a hunting trip where it was totally, utterly, and completely off-grid.  He finally had the chance to make this happen in the Fall of 2018.  They drove a billion hours, then went on horseback another 30 or so miles into the woods of Northern Idaho.  Basically, you got ¼” off balance and you were in Canada.  The trip itself ended up being a bust – it snowed so hard they mostly were in their tents drinking whiskey talking about their glory days.  However – when he got home he asked, “Hey, have you ever been to Northern Idaho?”.  That – that is the moment that changed our lives forever.

Me: “ummmmm, no I don’t think so.  I’ve been to Boise but that isn’t that far North.”  

Him: “I really think you’d love the area I’m thinking about – let’s maybe take a weekend trip and check it out.” (still seemingly innocuous….)

Me:  “Ok yeah that sounds great!” (I could sit in a closet by myself to drink a cup of hot coffee and think that is glorious so an actual trip with mascara and real pants was like a whole new level!).

The Beauty That Is Living In Idaho

We ended up taking a trip for Valentine’s Day 2019.  We stayed in a town called  Couer d’Alene and let me tell you IT WAS AMAZING!!!  Not only is it beautiful – mountains, lakes, beaches – but the people are SO nice.  Very welcoming, warm, chatty.  We drove everywhere in the area – we’d drive for hours in a day to take it all in.  We ended up in a town called Sandpoint.  DAR-LING.  Had dinner, talked about all of the what if’s….  We flew home thinking “hmm, that really felt like home…”  

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So, we did a thing…

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1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

Even AFTER they get the shoes on, it's a game of "How Quick Can I Get These Back Off While Mommy Isn't Looking?"

#MomLifeBeLike #ImAProudMomma #MomProblems
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Even AFTER they get the shoes on, its a game of How Quick Can I Get These Back Off While Mommy Isnt Looking? 

#MomLifeBeLike #ImAProudMomma #MomProblems

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Nicholas Cleveland omg me this morning 🤣

Jessica Salyers So you 🤣

1 month ago
I'm a Proud Momma

This Bird Owes Someone A LOT Of ToothFairy Money!!
#nationaltoothfairyday #ImAProudMomma
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This Bird Owes Someone A LOT Of ToothFairy Money!! 
#NationalToothFairyDay #ImAProudMomma

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Oh my I would die!!! Right there!!

Omg Carole Baker watch Sidney he could have a great time 😜

Lawd I’d love to see a bird bring you these Jeanette McFann 😆

Donde las deje,????

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