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All About The Proud Momma!

The Proud Momma is the voice of a regular mom doing her best (sometimes best-ish) to do regular mom things.
As a full-time business owner, wife, and mom of two small kids – I OFTEN find myself consulting Google to find out how other moms are handling the ups, downs, and straight-up weird moments in a mom’s life (I’ve Googled “how to get poop out of {……}” more times than I care to admit) – as such I was inspired to share as well!

I hope you find the content here and on our Facebook to be informative, funny, & useful – but overall, just a place you can visit to make you feel NORMAL.
Yes, we do all hide in the bathroom at LEAST once a month to drink a hot cup of coffee, YES there are occasions where we have wine for dinner and, YES we have all enjoyed the amazing experience of our child(ren) choosing to have a massive, full-on temper tantrum in the middle of {name a store, party, gathering, ANY public place here}.

So, let’s stick together, always have each other’s back – and never forget to BREATHE. Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Ouuuuttttttt.

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