Blasting Boredom

It’s fine. We’re fine. We are, however, BORED! I am ALWAYS in search of ideas to keep my littles occupied that won’t cause irreparable harm to the walls, furniture, pets, and what is left of my nerves. Voila! Here you’ll find some low cost, get-up-and-move ideas to stave the beast of boredom!

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Simon, says: Yup, an oldie but a goodie! Simon, says, is a great way to keep kids physically active and engaged. Remember to include things that require motion such as:
Simon says JUMP!
Simon says, RUN!
Simon says, TWIST!
Simon Says, HOP!!
This is a silly game your whole family can enjoy + the added bonus of activity and giggles!

Hopscotch: This one can be played both inside and out! Honestly, I had to Google the rules as it had been about 3.5 decades since I had played hopscotch, but it really has become a favorite of my kids (and it doesn’t make a MESS!). For a cool set that is good fothe house and the porch –

Limbo: Being I am an **ahem** ‘older mom’, I may need to be the designated holder in this one, but combined with some music Limbo allows for creativity, dancing, a little competition (and it doesn’t make a MESS…ya know?). The instructions here are simple:
Take a bar and keep it horizontally
Find fun and creative ways to go under the bar
See who can go the lowest without falling over!
Who can be most creative getting under the bar?
Limbo is great for both balance and flexibility

Hide and Seek: This is one of my kids’ all-time favorites. I love it because I get to hear the kids count (which can sometimes be pretty funny), it’s a game where being QUIET is key to winning (amen), can be played indoors and outdoors, and requires zero game pieces! If you’ve ever been stabbed in the bottom of your foot by a Lego – you are feelin’ me right now.
Treasure Hunt: This past Summer I went to Kansas City to visit one of my dear friends. She has TRIPLETS that are now 5 years old. How she has a lick of sanity left makes her super-human in my book. Alas, I digress. She was in town with her husband and kids visiting his parents. When I got there the kids were strewn about on the floor completely mesmerized by the “treasures” they found in Grandpa’s backyard. He did an ABC Treasure Hunt – the kids would pull a letter out of a bowl and they then raced around the yard to find something that started with that letter and brought it back to their bucket. Not only did this take them over an hour to get through the alphabet, but they were also pooped from all of the running and SO excited about all of the neat things they never noticed. For a higher-tech version, check out this version of Scavenger Hunt from Trendy Pro –

Musical Chairs Dancy Party!: A fun spin on the traditional game we all know and love – in this version, instead of just walking around the chairs when the music starts, you have to dance, wiggle, jump and jive – as soon as the music stops – be ready to make a dash for an open chair! Each time someone is left standing, they are “out” and one chair is removed until there is ultimately ONE chair and ONE King or Queen of the Musical Chairs Dance Party! (oh – and it doesn’t make a mess….)

Obstacle Course: You might think this one is just for outdoors, but we have a blast setting up silly items down the middle of our hallway. We jump over pillows, have to throw a ball into a small wastebasket, dash to turn on a lamp then turn it off, jump rope 3 times….the ideas are endless. Just look around your house (or better yet, have your kids look around), get the timer, and GO! The person with the best time, WINS! If you are hunting for something that could be used both indoors and out – try this Imagym Ninja

Warrior Obstacle Course Kit –

How are you keeping your kids family moving and blasting boredom? Video games beware – we are coming for you with a little wiggle, jump, jive and jazz!

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21 hours ago
I'm a Proud Momma

In my next life, I am coming back as my cat. Amirite? #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

In my next life, I am coming back as my cat. Amirite? #ImAProudMomma

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Love when they lay on their backs my Lucy does it alot


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My sons first prayer card from this past Sunday.  I dont think I explained it clearly... 😂 #ImAProudMomma
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Every. Single. Time. #ImAProudMomma ... See MoreSee Less

Every.  Single.  Time.  #ImAProudMomma

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