First Time Fears – Leaving Dad Alone with Baby

leaving dad alone with baby

Sooner than later, this day will surely come. You’re making plans to go shopping or run errands, and dad confidently states, “you can leave the baby with me”. On one hand, you are completely thrilled that he has agreed to stay alone with the baby, allowing you some much-needed time to yourself – but another part of you (though you’d never admit it to him), is scared to absolute death! So of course, you’re going to make sure he has everything that he could need all prepped and ready for him, so the baby will be comfortable and safe!

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Leaving Dad Alone With Baby | Diapers and Wipes…and Gloves?

You may want to not only be sure there are plenty of diapers and wipes readily available for dad, but if he hasn’t changed the baby too often at this point, you may also want to leave some gloves for him – just to be safe in case it’s number 2!

Disposable Gloves

Leaving Dad Alone With Baby | The Bottle

Whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding your baby, make sure that you have everything all set up for dad, allowing him to simply warm the milk up and feed the baby. If you’re breastfeeding and plan to leave the baby for any amount of time, you are probably already pumping and freezing your milk. Remember to put a couple of frozen packages of breast milk in the fridge before you leave so it can thaw out and is ready for dad to warm up.

Hopefully, by now dad knows some of the cues to watch for that tell him when the baby is starting to get hungry, so he can get the bottle ready. Depending on the age of the baby, they may also be on a schedule of every 2 to 4 hours or so, which will help dad keep better track of when it’s time to warm up the bottle and feed the baby.

A simple way to warm up formula or milk is to run hot water from the tap into a large cup or container and then set the bottle in the hot water. This can take a little longer than other methods, but is fuss-free and warms to the perfect temperature without getting too hot. 

Everything Else

Depending on the age of your infant, there are other items that you will want to have ready for dad. These items include things like the baby’s favorite toys and other items, such as a baby swing or activity center. Dad is likely already familiar with these things and where they are, but making the experience as easy and positive as you can means this won’t be the last time that dad helps out, so you can go get that mani-pedi every month!

Activity Center

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So cute💕

So cute

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My sister is an UH-MAY-ZING cookie decorator. I could share endless examples of her work - but COME ON - HAD to share these!! #cattailconfections #ImAProudMommaBaby in Bloom! 🌸

I created this set for some special friends and their first baby. I had full creative freedom and took advantage of it by trying some new techniques, which can be fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. 😬

The monogram bib is inspired by Stephanie @icedtoperfection
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My sister is an UH-MAY-ZING cookie decorator.  I could share endless examples of her work - but COME ON - HAD to share these!!  #cattailconfections #ImAProudMomma
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We made it....  #ImAProudMomma

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