Smart Stroller Hacks

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Strollers.. They are an absolute Godsend, but they also come with their share of challenges. If you’re a new parent, you can definitely relate. Here are some smart stroller solutions that even the most seasoned moms will appreciate!

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1.     If your husband or grandma and grandpa can’t quite remember how to work the stroller, you can use color-coded stickers to label buttons and levers. Make sure the stickers are large enough that you can add a few words to help them out as they maneuver through opening or closing it. You KNOW how men are with asking for instructions! Grandma and grandpa will appreciate it too!

2.     No need to cry over spilled milk! You can keep cups upright and prevent spilling with an old shoe organizer. All you have to do is cut out two of the pockets, add adhesive Velcro, and stick it to the side of your stroller’s basket. Wala, you’ve got instant and inexpensive cupholders!

3.     Once you’ve gotten some good use out of your stroller, your handle may start to tear. You can easily get a grip on this problem using tennis grip tape. Simply wrap the tape around the tear for a comfy and colorful handle!

4.     Need an extra hand? Shop hands-free by using 1 or 2 extra-large carabiners to hang your diaper bag, purse, or shopping bags. You can add in a velcro loop to hold multiple smaller clips and you are officially multitasking!

5.    What do you do if all those hanging bags are making your stroller too back heavy? Here’s a fix! Wrap ankle weights around the front legs of your stroller to prevent it from tipping over. Bonus – it even makes for a smooth ride!

6.    Do you find that your strollers too bulky and hogging up most of the space in the back of your minivan? Place your stroller upright, then loop an old belt around both headrests and tighten to secure the stroller out of the way!

7.   If you use your stroller less frequently, use an over-the-door hook in your garage to hang your stroller. Save room and have one less thing to trip over!

8.  Has your stroller seen better days? Use dish soap to create a sudsy and effective (yet safe) solution to clean it up. You can get the kids involved too! Play pretend and present cleaning the stroller as a stroller carwash. This is one chore kids will love helping with! After the wash, rinse with water and dry in the sun for an added hygienic boost!

9. “Blinded by the Light” is never a good thing when it comes to babies and strollers! If your stroller’s canopy isn’t long enough to keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes, use a thin breathable blanket and some binder clips to instantly create shade that won’t blow away!

10.  Need better traction? Loop some zip ties around the stroller wheels, pull tight, and then cut off the excess. This will not only give your stroller more traction on slippery or snowy terrain but is also perfect for parents who run or jog.

Your stroller is a tool to help you in your parenting journey. By using some or all of these stroller hacks, you can easily make it a super-efficient tool every time you use it!

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