Crocs: The Most Comfortable Shoes In The World

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When you think about Crocs, one thing comes to mind – COMFORTABLE. Well, let me tell you – I am here to testify to that being 100% true. When I was pregnant with my son, I was 42, and 43 by the time he was born.  Granted I stay in pretty good shape, but MY GOODNESS my BACK, sciatic nerves, arches of my feet – definitely were not standing up to the task.  

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My sister came to visit when I was 5 months along – so juuuuust starting to look and feel pretty pregnant.  We had the typical TMI conversations about pregnancy and that it is way cuter on TV than in real life.  I was telling her about my back and my arches and she asked if I owned any Crocs.  “Um, no.  No, I do not own any Crocs.”  Before I got pregnant I was still in cute heels MOST of the time.  Why?  Because I am short and none of the pants they were making were for anyone shorter than 5’7”.  So I always wore heels to keep my pants from hitting the ground.  YES I know I could buy Petits and hem etc.  But I am SUPER lazy when it comes to doing anything like that and I know myself better 😉

Online we go to find mama some Crocs.  First, I had NO IDEA there were so many!  Toddler Crocs, Big Kid Crocs, Fleece lined Crocs, slides, sneakers, workforce…so many Crocs! They even have accessories or Jibbitz as they like to call them – which are these cute little charms that allow you to customize those comfortable crocs. Aaaannnnd, just like there are Crocs for everyone – there are Jibbitz for everyone too. I’m talking everything under the sun, from spiderman to letters, and food to puffy fluff balls.

I settled on the Classic Lined Clog (my feet are ALWAYS cold) and I also got a pair of slides because I knew time was quickly ticking down to that moment bending over to tie shoes is no longer an option – you know that point when anything that lands on the floor is dead to you??  Yeah.  You know…

Alas, a short 72 hours later I had my new Crocs.  Oh.  My.  Gracious.  Say what you will, but I wore them the REST of my pregnancy and beyond.  It is now 6 years later and I JUST got rid of my fleece-lined Crocs because I could NOT get the stank out…my husband said it is either him or the damn Crocs (it was a sad day….).  Don’t be afraid to gift these yummy shoes to anyone who is expecting…  They may scoff that they are not a Crocs wearer…but we know better 😉

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I'm a Proud Momma

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Some days.  I just cannot...  #ImAProudMomma
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I'm a Proud Momma

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I fell in the gym parking lost last week - slipped on ice - MANY came to see if I was ok.  Le sigh....  #ImAProudMomma

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I'm too scared to try it! I would probably break something!

Jose Noel Pinto in theory though 🧐

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so true


I wouldn’t be able to get back up lol

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k thx!!  #ImAProudMomma

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A laugh a day keeps the doctor away!

Autumn Lyn Amore pink & black to be exact thx Love 😘


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